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Do you know you can watch videos in your TV by using your android smartphone? Yes right its true. You can do this by using MX player in your android player.  I am going to tell you through the process of streaming videos from Android to TV using MX Player to enjoy the videos on big screen. The best thing about this is you can stream both online and offline content via this method that is if internet is not working then no worries your offline content can be played. Officially Chromecast doesn’t support MX Player for screen casting but as always we have another option for you.You can stream MX Player videos via a third-party app which will help in watching the videos in TV from your smartphone. With the help of localcast app it makes possible to watch the content on TV but most importantly make sure you have Chromecast.

And that’s it you are ready to watch the videos on TV. Now, you can watch the same video on your TV without any issue and enjoy the fun unlimited. The quality of the playback solely depends on the video you play high quality video give you more fun. Ensure both your TV and Android gadget are connected to the same Wi-Fi via Localcast app otherwise it won’t work.


Download MX player


Download MX player now. It has kids lock also as sometimes the kids touches the phone and the video can get stop because of touching something else but in this case no such thing is possible as MX player has kids lock and you can watch the video without any break.

You can also easily zoom in and zoom out the video and sometimes the scene the video is from far to the enjoy the fun unlimited you can zoom in the video very easily and can also zoom out the video also.It also supports multi-core decoding which hardly any other app gives. So, there is no reason for not installing the app so go ahead and install the app right now on your smartphone.



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