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Old MX Player

MX Player older version is one of the astounding video players which is fully compatible on all Android devices and Tablets to the whole extent. It is recommended as one of the brawny muscular media players attaining a crucial video format in it even with assistance of audio files as well. Accordingly, this app impressed the users and still progresses to improve the experience of the app to the entire extent. Additionally, this app occurs with various other benefits in it in order to change the theme of the player and provides complete authority in the user interface format of it. Apparently, this app is one of the strongest video players in the world opted with various hardware acceleration and exact assisting compatibility in it. On the contrary, MX Player is very well opted and is widely being operated by millions of users worldwide. Above all, if you are truly hunting for a video player which is actually an operating one, then you must assume the access of this MX Player on your device, as it is one of the autonomous trustworthy video players apart from various other video players existing in the market.

In other words, MX Player older version is obtain quite simpler functions and is well opted with neat and gentle to operate user interface in it. As of now, the older version of MX Player is fully free of Ads in it and appears to be a complimentary app to all its users without costing a single penny. Not only that, the downloading of several other audio files too can be easily done through the utilization of this Old MX Player. Above all, this app is presently accessible in English language and differs a lot based on the variation of the devices.


  1. With the support of HW+ decoder, the app is very easily applicable on almost all of the videos
  2. MX Player is the leading Android video player which serves as a Multi-core decoding facility in it
  3. Through a gentle swiping across the screen, users can very easily zoom in and zoom out without any worries
  4. Inorder to move forward/backward as well as to the next and previous text, with the signal indication it can be done
  5. A brilliant locking feature wherein children cannot mingle with various other apps present on the device and remain busy in getting fully entertained is accessible in this app


To conclude, Old MX Player is one of the best relevant video and audio players in the world. And can be easily acquired and downloaded from the app store of MX Player App to the complete extent without any issuance in it.

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