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MX Player is one of the best media player for your Android mobile mX Player support windows as well as make an apple version operating system. Means it’s all in one player which can be installed in any operating system and can be played any file format easily.

How to download MX Player?

To download MX Player you need to download 9Apps in your Android mobile after installing 9Apps go to the 9Apps search box and then write MX Player it will show the media file to be downloaded with latest version and old version shoes your preference and then start downloading MX Player from 9Apps.

How to install MX Player

To install MX Player go to the file where you have download MX Player and then tab to install it it will need access of your control device audio device network device just click for enable the resource to be used after that it will take few seconds to install in your Android mobile.

MX Player support multi-core decoding : It support sW, hW, and HW Plus.

It support VLC media player : Yes player decode any multimedia files cDS, dVDs, vcdS and play WMA, MKV, DivX and many more.

Operating system platform: Ok but you can install MX player in all operating system like Linux, android, chhota Windows, mac or iOS operating system.

Language support: MX Player support almost 75 country language worldwide.

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