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MX Player Black

One of the best supreme players for movies and videos is none other than this MX Player Black app. This player is mainly eradicated for all Android devices to its full extent. Additionally, this player is well-versed in playing various kinds of video formats without any obligations in it. Conventionally, it is one of the overwhelming all-in-one-media players and also a most complimentary version of MX Video Player which is totally free of Ads in it. Moreover, currently as of now, this player very well obtains the fully support of hardware and multi-core decoding in it. It very well furnishes in individually gathering all of the most relevant videos from various accessible folders on the device and never leaving even the external memory card as well, by attaining one and distinguishing movies in to folder-wise such as camera, external memory card, a variety of TV shows and so on. Above all, this menu obtains a search function with the inclusion of the voice character in it. In other words, all the videos are indicated as “New”.

Furthermore, the title of the observed files turns into gray and light contrasted with the others. Every single playback of each file is saved and you can take a break while viewing few of the movies in the mobile, and later on you can continue viewing from the exact place of the movie that you left behind. In brief, MXPlayer Black is fully furnished with interactive signals in it when left from the exact place. Besides that, this MX Player stands out to be quite an extraordinary app widely being accumulated by millions of users worldwide to a much greater extent. Lastly, take a quick look at the some of the specialities of MX Player Black given below.


  1. MX Player Black can perform both video and audio formats in it
  2. The governing of this app is quite interactive while viewing
  3. The swiping of the Left is mainly utilized for setting the brightness of the brightness
  4. The right vertical sticking alters the sound of the video.
  5. This player obtains the access of the most familiar captions formats like txt, srt, ssa, ass, sub, mpl and so on
  6. MX Player also obtains a smart locking option which avoids in misusing the app by the child while operating the device


Finally, MX Player Black is an extraordinary player and is presumably one of the top most mobile players. Therefore, if you are stuck with any sort of problems in playing the videos, then every user must attain the access of this player on their device and get thrilled with its unique features prescribed above.

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