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MX Player Android App

MX Player is one of the supreme media players for Android app. And, if incase you are struggling with a video file that doesn’t run on your Android device or tablet, then must try out this MX Player app on your device wherein you work will be made quite easier as It is one of the tremendous media players which assist with every video format and even functions very well on the audios as well to the complete extent. On the contrary, it is totally recommended as one of the ravishing media players in the whole world. Apparently, all through its major assistance of video formats and superb performance, MX Player projects out as a high-quality app in a categorized format. In simple words, this Media player runs almost every bit and functions gently by saving you from the pain of messing up with the video converters present in it. Furthermore, MX Player Android app very well obtains in assisting various kinds of subtitle formats such as DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS caption tracks and so on.

Above all, MX Player is opted with various other options such as Hardware acceleration which crops up to be quite handy especially when you are enduring to decode high-resolution video files, by allowing the GPU assist with decoding rather than depending on CPU. Besides that, MX Player is considered to be one of the greatest players which fully functions out of the box and is comfortable and easy to use interface. Thus, if you need more of modification, then you must poke into the huge amount of settings opted in it. In brief, take a quick look at the below listed specialties of MX Player.


  1. Hardware Modification: This feature can be applied to more videos with the assistance of new HW+ decoder in it
  2. Multi-Core Decoding: The test reports in MX Player have proved to be dual-core’s device’s performance is up to 70% much better than single-core devices
  3. Compress to Zoom, Zoom and Pan: With the access of MX Player you can quite comfortably squeeze across the screen by zooming in and out.
  4. Captions Control: Moving forward and backward to get on to the next/previous text, is fully opted in this app
  5. Kids Lock: Make your Kids remain fully busy filled with fun without mingling with other apps present in this app through the locking option opted in it


Lastly, MX Player is a multiplex as you prefer, but at the end of it, it functions very well. Therefore, to attain the complete access of MX Player Android app, then go in right into the app store of MX Player App and grab the instant download without any obligations in it.

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