movie subtitles in mx player

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This player gives you not only the subtitles but you can also adjust them in the way you want. When we watch foreign movies we don’t understand their language and that is why we need subtitles to understand the movie. But MX player has the function of subtitle already built-in. But how to adjust the subtitles of the movies.

First you need to have the subtitle file on your local storage and then only you will be able to do it. If you have the file on your computer transfer it into the mobile using any file transfer method of your choice. Then you should open the video file on MX Player as it is the best player. You will see three dots at the right-top portion of the screen, which will give you the access to more features of subtitles. In case you want to start displaying subtitles automatically with the playback you should place the file inside the same directory of the video and provide the same name for the video.

If you don’t have the subtitle file on your local storage than you can download it online with many options. Of course there are dedicated subtitles websites and you can choose it as your preference

We don’t always get subtitle files that display text on time and it creates a lot of confusion in understanding the speech in movies and we need to synchronize the subtitle with video using the Subtitle menu of the MX player. It is also possible to control the subtitle displaying speed to get the efficient result and by doing this the fun of video will not be spoiled.


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You need the download the MX player first to enjoy the movie with subtitles as it is boring watching the video in the language known to you and sometimes for some change we need to watch foreign movies and to understand that movie we need subtitles so that we can easily understand that movies and can enjoy that movie too. So MX player is the best player as it has inbuilt function of subtitle.


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