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Are you finding the best android player for your smartphone and don’t know which one to choose. Then the answer is MX player, I have been using MX Player since I became an Android user and it never got me any reason to uninstall the app and neither did I find any other video player which can outperform it because of its great features. Most of the Android players support the main stream formats only like 3GP and MP4 and other format are not played by them. When you get an MKV file, you have to transfer the same to your computer to view it if you aren’t an MX Player user then you have to waste a lot time in converting the file or downloading special thing to play the video but MX Player supports more than 10 different video file types and not only this the hardware encoder feature is a useful feature that decreases the battery usage for better backup and it’s not going to exhaust all of the battery.

Most of us love watching videos with subtitles to understand the movie better. If you think it is not possible on your Android device you are wrong as the best player i.e. MX Player supports most of the subtitle formats and you can even download from the web if you want any other subtitle. The best thing about subtitles on MX Player is you can move it to any position on the screen you want wherever you feel like its better.

We don’t love watching videos on the mobile browser because of small size. As far as I am concerned the browser ambiance doesn’t provide the full screen experience of a dedicated video player and sometimes there are lot of advertisements also. In such a scenario you should use MX Player to stream videos from the web and enjoy the videos.

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There are many reasons for downloading MX player for your android smartphone and not only android users iOS users can also download this player in their smartphones and can enjoy the videos like android users do.


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