MX Player is a powerful video player with advanced features which you will never find in any other MP3 player and this is the reason why it is considered as one of the unique and most popular MP3 player app ever. Today, it is the choice of millions of people due to its amazing features and great functionality and is trusted by so many people because it supports all types of video and audio formats and also enable the users to play their favourite Ultra high definition video files as well. It comes with an Equaliser feature which helps you to make your audio playing super cool and smoother than ever show the registered users of this MX Player app can enjoy the ultimate high quality video and audio playing with its extraordinary and advanced features..

Specifications of Mx player –

File Size 15.6 MB
Type Media & Video
Version 1.9.16
Require Android4.0 or later
Developer J2 Interactive
Downloads 50,00,000 +
Update January 17, 2018

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  2. MX Player download for PC
  3. MX Player APK old version
  4. Flash MP3 MX Player download
  5. MX Player free download for Samsung Galaxy Y
  6. MX Player download for Windows 8
  7. MX Video Player Pro APK free download
  8. MX Player 2018

MX Player download for PC –

MX Player is a free android video player app that comes with great features and advanced hardware acceleration which enable the users to in almost all of its features in the superb way. One of the best part of this app is that it is available completely free of cost and is available in the 9apps store from where you can download it anytime and anywhere on the go without facing any sort of hassle. Today this amazing app is a choice of millions of people which comes with unique and rare functions like subtitle support, hardware acceleration, multi core decoding, kids lock and more.

This MX Player can also be installed in the PC so the users can avail its features by downloading it in the computer or laptop as this amazing app is supportive of almost all types of video files. As you know, today there are hundreds of media players available in the market but still none of them beat MX Player due to its superb compatibility and dependability.

MX Player is also used by the tablet or mobile phone users as well due to its easy to use user interface and capability to play the media format on almost all the major operating systems. However, today the users are generally looking for MX Player for PC because of the features like bookmark the site and share it with your friends and family.
There is also one point which should be noted before downloading this MX Player app as the users our first of all required to download an android emulator to install this app in their PC which is the software that lets them run the apps in their PC absolutely free of cost and that’s too, in the smoother and better way.

Just take a look on the points mentioned below in order to understand how to download this software and then install the app of MX player in your mobile phone or PC-

  1. In the first step, you have to switch on to the link of the emulator software.
  2. Then you are required to type the MX player in the search bar in order to find it on the site and after getting it, you have to just click on that.
  3. From the list of search results, just click on the MX Player app and then it will be redirected to the installation page automatically.
  4. At that point, you can download it in your PC like any other Android app. However, it takes some time to download or get installed in your PC.

MX Player APK old version –

Download the old version of MX Player in your android mobile phone and enjoy the seamless experience of watching your favourite videos in this professional video player as this amazing app supports almost all formats of videos including high definition. In addition to this, this wonderful app also protects the confidential or private videos of the users from being deleted or seen by everyone in their device.

One of the best part of downloading this old version of MX Player old is that it supports almost all the major video formats including MKV, MP4, AVI, 3GP, WMV, FLV, MOV and more. With the help of this app, the users can also manager share the videos easily and instantly on social networking websites directly through this app and also keep their videos completely safe and secure by switching on the option of private folder.

There are many other stupendous features offered in the old version of MX Player, just take a look on the below mentioned points-

  1. This video player works for both android tablets as well as in other android devices which supports more than 2.2 version.
  2. The sharing of videos becomes much more easier and instant with the help of MX Player as it enables the user to share the videos on social sites directly within the app.
  3. The video player also offers a variety of features like night mode, quick mute and playback speed options so as to provide the east and comfort to its registered users.
  4. By switching to the basic or old version of MX Player, the users can identify all types of video files on their device and SD card automatically without any sort of hassle.
  5. There is an option available of multi playback with the help of which, you can perform the functions like auto rotation, aspect ratio, screen lock and more.
  6. The registered users can also easily and smoothly control the volume, brightness and the playing progress of any particular video.

Flash MP3 MX Player download-

Flash MP3 player is a part of MX Player which can be installed by the users of android device or smartphone completely free of cost directly from the 9apps store and also enables the user to listen to the high quality music anytime anywhere by downloading the same with the help of its powerful equaliser. Not only this, it helps the users to manage all their music files easily and instantly so you can arrange it in the separate categories and keep them in the sophisticated way. By switching to this superb app, the users can not only download their favourite videos in their preferred category but also browse and play the music songs by artists, songs, generous, albums and folder as per their need.

Let us now look on the below mentioned points in order to understand the key features or highlights of flash MP3 player

  1. Flash MP3 MX Player comes with high quality equaliser that has the bass and treble control which lets you browse the videos in the better and smoother way.
  2. This amazing app supports almost all types of files or formats like MP3, Flac, aac and other audio file formats.
  3. In this app, the users are provided with the facility to search the music according to their choice as it has an option of music search in which you can type the name of any song or video in the search bar provided in the app.
  4. By just checking your device, the users can also switch on the option of control playback easily.
  5. There are different vibrant colour themes available in the app which makes your browsing or music searching and downloading experience much better and eye catching.
  6. The users can also order or reorder their playlist according to their choice and preference. For instance- in the order of alphabets, in the recently added songs or videos order and more.

MX Player free download for Samsung Galaxy Y-

MX Player is one of the most reliable and trustworthy video player apps which is available in the market and today it is a choice of almost all the smartphone users. Samsung Galaxy Y is the android smartphone series of Samsung and the users of this device generally switch to MX Playerdue to its reliable and extraordinary features that makes it compatible and dependable then ever.

This MX Player app is supporting of multi core decoding which allow the users of Samsung device with dual or more than dual processors to improve the efficiency or performance of playing the video files by more than 70%. It also has a very user friendly interface along with a number of possible settings so you can use the touch and swipe on the touch screen and also adjust the brightness at the touch sensor and many other alike features. This

amazing MX Player app also supports the most common subtitle formats show the users of Samsung Galaxy Y can choose a particular track of supported languages and enjoy the seamless on hassle-free experience of browsing and downloading the videos of their choice. There is one unique option offered in the app with the help of which the users can easily and conveniently navigate, and break the files into separate folders.

MX Player download for Windows 8-

MX Player is a powerful music player, MP3 and video player app that comes with great features and amazing compatibility with almost all the major operating systems including Windows and many others. The users of Windows 8 generally switch to MX Player to download and watch the videos of your choice in their concerned device just because of its unique and hard to find features which lets you guide and find all types of music and video files in just a blink of an eye everything ables you to search all types of music files and folders easily and instantly on the go without facing any sort of hurdle or obstraction in between.

With the help of this app, the users of Windows 8 can not only find the music or videos of their choice on the basis of artists, albums and more but also on the basis of folder structure so it can play the video files in the form you want or you have categorised in the video player.

This app also offers many irreplaceable and unique features which makes this app more professional and stylish when compared to other video player apps.

Now put a glance on the points mentioned below in order to understand this app in the better way so as to play the videos or watch the same in the better and smoother way-

  1. It support different file formats like MP3, MP4,WAV, WMV, OGG and more so the users can download it according to their concerned device.
  2. The notification feature of this app enable the users to stay updated with each and every notification like play or pause option, album artwork, skip forward and more.
  3. Multi select option is also enabled in the app so the users can select the file as per their need and choice.
    There are different equalisers available in the app like folk, classic, dance, hip hop, normal, rock, pop and more.
  4. The registered users of this app are even allowed to play the music of their choice by songs, albums, playlist, folders, artists and more.
  5. You can also navigate this music player in just a single touch as per your choice and avail the amazing experience of browsing the video files of your preference.
  6. Music shuffling option is given to the users of Windows 8 by the developers of this app so they can shuffle the music and enjoy each and every type of video file download it in their device.

MX Video Player Pro APK free download-

MX Video Player Pro is one of the most professional and simplest video player app which uses the advanced and intelligent detection technology so the users of this app can operate this app in a simple and quickest way possible. One of the best part of this video player Pro app is that it is available in the 9apps store from where you can download it anytime and anywhere on the move and that’s too, without paying anything. So this app, the users can download the videos in all the popular video formats and also watch the same in the online mode.
Unlike other media players app, MX Video Player Pro can not only play the high definition or other low resolution videos, movies and other flash files but also play the music as well so its registered users can enjoy the music and videos of their choice easily, conveniently and instantly..

If you like this app and wants to install in your android mobile phone then you are not required to follow any hard and fast rule as all you have to do is just click on the header or footer options and get it installed directly from download 9apps through APK.

MX Player 2018 download latest version –

MX Player is a video playing app which is offered for the users of android absolutely free of charge so they download or play the video of their choice but before this, users are required to download this app from the 9apps store and that’s too, in different formats and resolutions including HD quality. Today this video player app is considered as one of the widely used and most popular app to download the videos and movies and also protect the users to not to delete their private data or the videos or seen when people use their advise. This amazing app also gets updated time to time which make the users use this app in a better and smoother way as in every update, the developers ameliorate or improvise the existing features and add the new ones. The next updated version of MX Player is yet to come in the year 2018 which will help you to download the videos and play the same betterly and smoothly so you can experience the best ever experience of your favourite multimedia content.

Now, just put a glance on the following points which will help you to understand the key features of this MX Player app-

  1. With the help of this app, the users can download and watch the videos of their choice in different formats including MKV, MP4, FLV, AVI, WMV etc.
  2. Through this app, one can easily and instantly identify all the video files stored in their device or SD card automatically.
  3. The registered users of this app can also perform different functions like control the volume, brightness, playing progress of a particular video or movie you are downloading in your device.
  4. The users are also provided with the facility to several playback options like screen lock, auto rotation, aspect ratio etc.
  5. In order to keep your confidential or private data like videos, audios, movies and more, the users can keep it’s safe and secure by creating a private folder.
  6. You can also share and manage your favourite videos or movies with great ease and comfort as an option is provided in the app for the same.
  7. Mx player 2018 version is the best from 2017 old version. Because MX player 2018 is the fully HD player with great feature.

So, if you like to download this video player app and wants to avail its interesting and exciting features then just click on the header or footer options and get it installed directly from download 9apps through APK now..